Redhat Linux


Redhat Linux 9.0

2 hours Class - 22 Lectures


Course Outline


• Introduction to Linux operating System

• What’s new in Redhat Linux 9.0

Installation and Configuration Selecting the Hardware:

• CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Hard Disk, CDROM, Serial Interface etc.

Planning installation:

• Disk Partitioning,

• Packages to be installed on Linux File systems

• Swap space partition sizing and placement

• The Grub boot manager.

Testing and Validation the installation

• X Windowing System

• Hardware: X server selection, Tools for X configuration

• Windows managers, Desktops, Startup




• User environment, File system configuration

• Basic networking, adding, deleting, and modifying users

• Daemons, Virtual consoles, Keyboard, mouse and time

• Mounting / Un-mounting removable media, Printing, Sounds cards

Advanced Configuration

• Network Services.

• Working with run levels.

• Emergency boot procedures, System logging.

• Process Administration.

• Setting up and managing disk quotas, System initialization.

• Scheduling the processes using CRON & AT utilities.

• Connecting Linux to the net.

• Managing disk.

• Backup and recovery

• Linux Conf


Domain Name Services

• Installing, Configuring & Managing DNS (Bind) Server

FTP Service

• Configuring Ftpd for a simple (anonymous) ftp server

Web Service

• Installing, Configuring & Managing Web Server (Apache) Server

Mail Services

• Basic Send mail Configuration



• Configuring Linux as Samba Server & Client to share folders with win98 & WinNT.

• Sharing printer through SAMBA.

• SWAT (Samba Web Administration tool.

Proxy Server (Squid)

• Configuring Linux as proxy server for win98 & WinNT.

• Network security.

• Web cache

• Acl (Access Control Lists)

• Blocking Urls

• Implementation of Transparent Proxying

• Viewing Logs.


• Installation of web min

• Configuring Web min for local and remote users

• Configurations of web min tools.


Firewall. (IP Tables)

• Configuring Linux server as software firewall.

• Implementing access control list (ACL) on Linux server.

Case Study

• Linux Migration / Deployment Case Study.


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